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Floris Goerlandt


Thanks for your answer but I’m afraid it’s too tedious.
The thing is, I need to find this inclined waterline coordinates for a wide range of combinations of angles of roll, heave and pitch. Transferring that to CAD all the time really is too tedious…

Is there no way this can be achieved WITHIN Delftship?
All I need to do is export the waterline coordinates, after the ship hull have been rotated. It’s possible to get the waterlines in a drawing, so why not as export?

-> An alternative, which I’d prefer, is to be able to get the control point information, to construct the NURBS. If I have that, I can use Delftship to come up with the model and then export it to MATLAB, which can handle that sort of computations quite easily.

So next Q: is it possible to export the control points, along with the nodes, to make the NURBS oneself?