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robin szemeti

Firstly, please understand that markers are just that, visual markers to serve as a reference, and nothing more.

If the scale is wrong, I suggest you try importing them as a IGES file, as that usually comes out the right size, where as .dxf can sometimes end up with inch/metric conversion issues.

You might be better off trying to develop a table of offsets from the lines plans … and import that. Please note, unless you buy Delft you will not be able to export your finished model back into a format such as IGES.

You could also look at FreeShip Plus, which is basically the same software, with a nicer user interface. I don’t thik the author of Delft is currently active on the project any more as he does not answer emails, so you may be better off with FreeShip or FreeShip plus anyway, as they still have people to answer quaestions, and it is basically the exact same software.