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Thanks for your response,

And i have learned a new word again(daggerboard)

I think i have to dive into the whole hydrostatics stuff before i start asking questions because i still don’t understand what’s going on.
But, i’m simpy to greedy and curious to not ask….. 😛
for example when i delete that dagger board, the lateral area point does’nt move while i was expecting it to move backwards as without that dagger board that’s where the most of the lateral area is located.
And, i’ve read that people who draw trimarans have a problem with hydrostatics (daggerboard next to a hull gives same situation?)

The main reason why i need that lateral point to be right is to, when i ad sails, to be able to put the sail point just behind it so the boat has a natural tendency to sail almost at a straight course by itself (with a bit tendency to stir up ofcourse).