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hey there,
sorry that it seems you have no help from anyone on here.
i have got to agree with you that this line of programs is genius. i know only part of the features and i am very impressed.
i have to say what puts me off buying the pro version is the lack of help available. i have posted on here several times and got next to no useful answers. maybe its because we are using the free version that the admin don’t care? but how do i know if i pay it wont be the same? i have done all the tutorials and learned a lot. but i have seen people doing much more amazing stuff on here that i want to learn but no one has been able to show the way yet. thumbs down on this aspect.
how ever i will continue to use this program and maybe one day i will find the answers.
i just dont think there is software out there for boat design that can beat the simplicity of this one. in other words good job who ever made this