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Joe Huntley

well right now im abt to try to loft one of the hulls I am needing to do in solidworks as im just having a rough time getting it done in delftship.

that being said once you get the hull lofted up in delft ship you can export it as an iges file and bring it into solidworks. since I design Models for modellers, museums, and the r/c world all usually aircraft and just getting into ships,

but if I was using solidworks be it a real 1:1 ship or a model I would be able to goto vendors for lets say a winch motor and most of them have equipment in solidworks format i could download and install in my ship. this saves me drawing it up and also since it is the motor i plan on using I have one from the supplier so I know its drawn properly (or should be) so I can use it for clearances etc.

i can also do superstructures etc really easily with sw and many more things.