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Joe Huntley

well guys I been playing around and got a couple hulls sorta started but there are areas that i just cant figure out. I have a battleship that has a weird area by the rudder I cant get shaped (it may not be weird but is just weird to me) and I am really wanting to finish this fletcher class destroyer hull so I can get started on the rest of it but again am having troubles with the back end and not sure for adjusting the rest of the hull little tweaks etc. I think i got it going right but not sure where to go next.

I attached a screenshot and if the file attach works for me attached it as a version 3.6 as for some reason that seems to work for me for swapping back and forth.

could someone look at it and tell me if I am going in the right direction and what I need to do to get the back end finished up so I can pull it into solidworks for further development.


Joe [file name=USS_Sullivans_DD_537.fbm size=1202292][/file]