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Peter Edmonds

There are 5 RORO hull models in Account Settings > Design Database. However, you may have an issue in that the vessel in your photo appears to be a lot smaller than those in the Database. Try blocking out the length, beam, depth, to vehicle deck, of your target design. Try websearch for the vessel. The builder’s website (name with photo) can be informative. Another source for dimensions is to go to a Classification Society’s register (access by vessel name) – Lloyds Register, DNV, NKK etc. I don’t know how these work in the electronic age.

If you don’t find anything much, you could start scaling from the deck to deck heights – say 2.1 – 2.4 m. Of course, you could have a lot more in your internal project brief.

I don’t know Sketchup (beyond a look at Wikipedia) but look at doing some rough dimensioned to scale layouts, deck by deck, and elevations and some selected transverse sections to get a feel for and understanding of your target vessel geometry. A
few hull shape “inspirations” from your target vessel layout and looking at the Design Database may well meet your needs. It would probably be sufficient to shape up the hull in Sketchup.

Good luck. We await developments.

(I am a brand new user of DS, but have many years experience as a Naval Architect; largely with small commercial vessels in recent years.