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No problema, Carlos!

But I’ve to mention that I am NOT member of the Deft developpement team, but just an user like you. I’ve been using DS for a longer time than you, that’s all. 😉

I remember I was quite puzzled on the begining: my computer was too old to use the DS version on the time I discovered it, and Marven offered me the link to an older version.

Now, I thinks I’ve to help the newbies (and the others, too :whistle: ). That this forum’s spirit, I feel.

So, if you need more help, just create a new topic, put your question, and if someone (me or anybody else) feels helpful you’ll get an answer… or many answers 😉

My weak point is I know absolutely nothing in ship design theorics (I prefer airplanes).
My strong point is the 3D modelling.
So I can help you using DS, but not designing a *good* ship.

Here on this forum, there’s an other member who can be very helpful to you: Cruzmayora (He made real ships and he speaks spanish, too!).

Hasta la vista!