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That’s correct.

  1. The red control points simply indicate that the control points are on a crease edge. Control points can have different colors depending on the geometrical meaning of the point. That’s why regular interior points always have a different color.
  2. Gaussian curvature displays, as the name suggests, the gaussian curvature of the surface. Gaussian curvature is the product of the two principal curvatures of the surface. If the gaussian curvature in a particular area is zero that the surface is developable in that region. Zebra lines indicate bands of equal surface reflection. You can find more information about this topic in the manual, but to be short both modes are used to check the fairness of a surface. Any bumps or irregularities are easily discovered using these two display modes.
  3. The Developability check is simply a visible check to see if surfaces can be developed to flat plates without any distortion. Once layers are made developable in the layer properties dialog (Ctrl-L) you can view them as plate developments. The free version only displays the plate developments, while the pro version also prints and exports them.