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mmmmm full size, does your builder want to wall paper his walls with it. Sorry dozy42 cant help myself. Below you can do it all on A4 paper.
Make sure you create a grid with your stations, waterlines and buttocks, then to to View–>
Linesplan and print that out and then go to File–>
Export— Offsets and save it as a .txt file and print it out. Then go to Help page 19 (v4.18) and have a look at the explanation of the layout of the Offset Table and print that out for your builder. Thats all he needs to construct stations but to construct the whole boat you will need more info for your builder unless your builder can fill in the rest.
If you want to see just one station at a time, just put one station in your boat then, you can see it
in the different views or go to View
–>Linesplan and print. Just before you print, a scale box will come up, keep your scale the same each time you print your frames (stations) out. You only need half frames if your boat is symetrical, cat hulls and tri pontoons some times arn’t.