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Michael E Beeching

Double post for clarification…

It seems that after selecting the curve, the curve-change ratio is indeed marked on the curve. However, the change is so small that it cannot easily be seen – at all! Curiosity from this point onwards is a bit anal-retentive, but I’d like to develop the best possible shape I can with the tools at hand.

That said, now that I’ve indeed verified that the curve is present, is there a way to increase the amplitude of the curve so that it can better be seen and thus adjusted?


Very, very sorry for posting this, but the feature just wasn’t well documented (at least as far as I read in the version 2.6 manual); the curvature scale could be adjusted with the F9 and F10 keys. Thus, problem solved (for the time being).

In any sense, thank you to anyone who bothered to at least read my posts, and happy new year.