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David Telles

Mike, WTH?
I expected some comment – a disagreement or agreement – but not flame out of the gate.
Perhaps you should get a black dress, – your feminine side might be more pleasant.

My “womanly whining” notwithstanding, it’s seems that the place to post Features-I-would-love-to-see-incorporated-into-the-software is not here in “Feature Requests”. Ok.

My apologies if re-hashing old feature requests is annoying, but I do think Martijn would sell more Pro versions if the abilities I mentioned were there. I know that is a huge undertaking, but it bears mentioning..

Anyway, surely your masculine side must realize this is only a wish list (inspired by working with other software that actually has these features) and not a work order. Maybe someone else will post something useful, like where to buy matching pumps!

Normally, sarcastic comments don’t elicit a response from me, but your oddly sexist witticism would probably rub a lot of women the wrong way (itself an oddly sexist expression!).

Still, if you insist on buying that dress, you should definitely accessorize with a wig – hirsute beefy chicks get no respect!

And Martijn!
Your tacit support of Mike’s colossal perversion is surprising, though I applaud your liberal nature. He might look awesome in black!