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Maximilian Hacker

I think miskulasp tried to suggest the Problem could lie within different Delft Versions – the elder one doesn’t accept files made by a more recent Version of Delft. It seems Marvin converted it manually for him in his case. In your case the error message should state then something like “error reading from file”, not just an error number.

Combining different parts, whole ships or even just selected surfaces of an object into another project should work fine in priniciple. Maybe the parts were too complex for the memory space left?

For the size of the part Files: it is typical that they are extremely small, 1 Kb or 2 Kb is absolutely normal! (of course, the more points, the greater the file size, for example – a part file that contains parts with 1000 Points in total has just 51 Kb in my case)

I think we will have to wait for Marvin’s encrypton of the error log to get closer to the problems cause. You could also try to make a simple file just for testing the exchanges you intend to make.

best regards