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well you can use the tool view leak points only to display the leak points.

A point is considered “leak” if:
● It is not situated on the center plane, meaning that the y-coordinate of the point >0.0001.
● The point is situated on a boundary edge (An edge with only 1 face attached to it).
Note that for hydrostatic calculations an edge counts also as a boundary edge if two faces are
attached to it of which one is excluded from hydrostatic calculations. This could for example be the
case for a ship with a closed deck, from which the deck is put in a separate layer that is not included
in the hydrostatics calculations. In that case DELFTship keeps calculating until the deck line is
submerged. Also windows or any other none watertight surfaces could be treated similar.
It is important to realize that leak points are not actually always leak in the sense that they are always making
water. A leak point in DELFTship is a point that is potentially leak and only becomes actually leak if it is
submerged. So the presence of leak points does not always have to pose a problem, just as long as they are
not submerged.