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Maximilian Hacker

Hello Luka,

I think offsets are a way of getting the accurate (measured) hull shape if you have LOADS of offset points (I would say >10 000). But then you would still have trobule with the round transom – it would be necessary to draw it by hand anyway.

If you have a smaller number of measuring points I would rather draw the model the usual way (linesplan) to have a clearly arranged basis and afterwards compare/correct at each station (exactly where measuring points of the real ship were taken) to the values of each offset point. The ability of delft to define single stations (f.e. in x-direction) gives very good possibities to correct y and z position manually to perfect fit. From an economic point of view correcting the sorrounding area of the attachement place should be sufficient. For bow sections +/- 5 cm accuracy should work fine, near the attachement site reaching an accuracy of +/- 2 mm should be possible.

To point it out clearly: The main reason for doing it this way is that you have to take full control of every single station outline – only having the control net points at an exact measured position does not mean the station outline will be going there, too. In my opinion moving the staion outline to the perfect place is much easier to maintain with a clearly arranged control net.