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Luka Djigas

Hello Hansfokke, thanks for answering!

First, let me offer my apologies to everyone it took me this long to reply to your answers; I was on a trip and I don’t have Delftship on my travel notebook – only at work at my station).

Yes, I agree with the linesplan approach. It is the approach I usually take when modelling a new hull (new design).

Unfortunatelly, in this case I have a linesplan of a ship which will be undergoing reconstruction soon. It will be lengthened at the stern, and the “new hull” (the new part of the hull) is attached to the old one at a rather difficult place (in terms of faired geometry). So the modelled hull needs to be really well modelled at that segment since from it we will be directly taking measures from cutting plates and frames.

For that reason, at the place in question we made measurements at different sections/frames, and now have x,y,z data for those sections. That’s why in this case I’m trying to push the approach via sections offsets.

Btw, I didn’t understand your second part – what do you mean by “markerlines”? (it is probably a language issue on my side).