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Maximilian Hacker

Oh sorry, I put the wrong name, of course I tried that in Delftship 4.27 …

Now as you have the offsets imported into Delftship you should more or less have a hull. Maybe you could post a picture of your current state (perspektive view with control grid (red lines) turned on).

I’m surprised that you seem to have just one curve – the WL – for definig the deadrise. If you stick to that you will get very poor accuracy – why don’t you use more in several heights?

Anyway, I try to describe what I do for a transom stern … Move Control Points to the place where the edge of the transom should be, make lines (named edges) between these points, select and change them to creased edges (knuckle lines), make sure that there are lines inside the transom (if not I select the boundary ie. the chine of the transom and extrude it) move one point inside the transom per point of the transom chine to the CL (0). Now there should be a closed surface – clean it by removing edges (not with delete, that would couse holes again!) to get a clean surface.

One last word: If you need accuracy you should consider importing the profile and plan view of this ship (you can use it as it is in your attachement – just scale it to the right size in Delftship itself) and work with buttocks and waterlines. That’s what I would do.

greetings from Austria,