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Robin Upshon

Hi Mike:
Thanks for trying. Although not the greatest expert on Delftship we have been using Delftship Pro for over four years without a moments problem and have never had the hydrostatic info go blank on me. The trouble has only occurred since switching over to the new version two days ago and all files that I have imported have gone the same way. The real bone of contention is that I am finalizing modifications on a couple of our designs for a big tender and I am now without hydro info on even the original drawings.

We use Delftship for initial design, hydrostatics and plate development and then DXF the file over to Autocad to do the actual construction drawings. Unfortunately there is no way to reverse the process and import AutoCad into Delftship.

I am hoping it might just be a new licence issue as I loaded up the one that came with the email notification and I have sent a request for another licence in case that is the problem