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I had another look at your design hoping that I might be able to fix it for you but I cant, sorry mate.
So many people seam to screw it up including yours truly when I first started with Delft. So to clarify Ill go over it one more time for everyone.
Design you hull, once your happy with it then and only then extrude your deck ( I use extrude because you might want a bulkwark and extruding is the only way I can do it) when I extrude I do the deck and transom in one go to avoid leak points instead of doing the transom separately. So once that is done all the EDGE points of the Y coordinate are on 0.000 thats the hull center line and the deck centerline. Then I raise or lower the control points on the deck center line to form the cockpit, coach house, flybridge etc, then I raise the control points between the centerline and the sheer leaving a walkway around the deck. To form these things you will have to add more control points between existing control points (Add a new control point by spliting a control edge) and adding new edges by (spliting a face by adding a new edge) and once you do that they can be turned into creases.
PS make sure new edges dont cross over each other, the program wont let your do it.
If you add a cylinder for a mast or boom close the ends with a new face this can effect hydrostatics as well.
Once you get the hang of it, its a no brainer but its hard to explain.