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Hi Bob,
I can see where your going wrong, I had no problem turning on the control points and then turning on leak points all those green points and there are quiet a few, are leak points (leak points green, normal control points blue). Its your methology thats screwing it up. Ill try to explain how Delft works.
Its a bit like wrapping a sheet around the hull from the center line (bottom of hull) to the deck center line. You have to do that first, so all the edge control points will end up on a center line. Then you raise or lower the control points on the deck center line and inbetween to get the different features of your boat eg cockpit, cabin, transom board, flybridge.
There is another way to make your boat, design your hull, extrude your deck to the center line, Save. Open Delft up again File–>Open–>
Cancel, you will have a blank screen, no hull, you can use the Add a box or Add a cylinder to design your cabin, flybridge etc then export as part and import into your hull design, move it onto your deck make sure it protrudes slightly thru your deck, then Edit–>Point–>Intersect layers and the 2 parts are joined together.