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Ditto here. Mike, the exact wording of your guidance didn’t match the menus for some items, but I think I followed your steps. I also get zero values for the first 4 or 5 lines of displacement, CB, and other coefficients. I even clicked on things unrelated, just to see if other things would be changed.

Is this something to do with it being free vs Professional? I note that the v3.12 or v3.x does not have this issue.

Also, i wish that the default install of v4.18 would not be that of the existing 3.x install. It should detect, warn of conflicts, and either suggest a new name or warn the user. Also, it would be nice if the new version would somehow pick up the last used files.

Overall, i like that it was updated, and some convenient icons are present.

I think that “windows, tile” still is randomizing the window placement afte tiling is invoked. I really would like it to tile without moving the windows around (I’m recalling that lizrds-on-mahjong-like tiles, where one clicks the the upturned to find the lizard and the tiles shuffle around… ehhehehe)