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S . Warr


Thank you for the prompt response, but I still can’t get to where I want to go 🙁 .

The box rule dictates a maximum total weight (hull, keel, bulb, rudder, spars, electronics, etc.) of not less than 4.00 tonnes (actually 4.00 kg, but I have scaled up…).

To achieve maximum performance one needs to optimize the shape of the hull and underwater appendages to achieve lightest possible displacement of 4.00 tonnes.

Skin thickness, and weights of build materials, etc., will be selected to meet design displacement (4.00).

I tried entering a (nominal) skin thickness of 3.0 for hull stations, but this had no affect on Hydro Report.

There are still no readings for Moulded Volume (which would appear to be interior volume of hull – a reading of limited value for my design exercise), nor Total Displacement Volume, or Displacement).

To further compound my dilemna, the rudder, keel and bulb will be solid structures with no “skin” thickness

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I’m worried – is it possible to revert to v3.20?

S/F, Phil