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S . Warr


I certainly did not delete your sage input to my effort 🙂 .

“Leak Points” are not terribly important to me, as each of the five major components (hull & underwater appendages, foredeck, cockpit, rigs & sail plans ( x 3)), need to be developed, evaluated, as seperate components before incorporating as a complete design.

Was that a run-on sentence :unsure: ?

Please remember, I’m designing to build myself. The actual build process may require some changes :ohmy: . Simply true of all interface between designer (I have not earned the title of architect) and builder (same afterthought), further followed by changes required by the users :silly: .

With the foregoing in mind, one can easily see how how I have wrapped the axle before, and will most probably do so in the future :blink: .

But, I know that I have friends who are always there to help me 🙂 .

Thanks Mike! My plan is to “sew up” my design holes, and send you re-vamp tomorrow for “Peer” (no claim in my part) review,

S/F, Phil