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S . Warr


Thanks for the clarifiation (I was wrestling with trying to figure out how you had so easily fixed my errors :unsure: .

Now I know (leading off with Descartes’ theorum :dry: ), and will use this as follows:

1. Extrude sheer line using only control edges,

2. Import parts (cockpit and foredeck),

3. Join parts to extruded sheer, then

4. Collapse previously extruded edges.

Sound right?

After, I’ll work again on the transom, but I’m thinking to do a scooped transom now in an attempt to remove some extra weight.

Thanks for dropping in to the forum and lending your wisdom.

As a courtesy, and if you’re interested, I’ll send you a copy of the file after I adjust the displaced volume and do the above.

BTW, rudder shaft has been temporarily deleted (now a part) and does not affect Hydrostatics.

The most significant information here is to omit the control points when extruding control lines :ohmy:

S/F, Phil