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Ralph Grothe

Hi William,

the installation issues that I currently face with the latest DS 5.06 release under Wine are more fundamental than missing a button.
Whereas my installed DS 4.38.130 runs without the faintest issue under Wine, I don’t even get 5.06 installed.
When I execute the downloaded DS 5.06 exe setup binary it merely installs the language files, sample files and the manual, but no executable at all.
I cannot figure out why this is so.
In the app reference DB on the Wine project website the DS 5 version is listed with highest rating as platinum.
But they don’t reveal anywhere how the damned thing is installed in the first place.
Could it be that the Windows installer that is incorporated in the setup exe file is unsuitable for Wine?
I remember that with my working 4.38 release I then installed a separate zip by simply unpacking it with no need to run a Windows SW installer.
Is such an archive still available for the DS 5 release?