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Leo Lazauskas

Hi Leo & Guille1963,
My problem isn’t with Michlet, it works perfectly with the output from Delftship, with no changes to the export file. Does this mean that since I haven’t made any changes to the export file the Pressure, Resistance and Wave Analysis output I get, is rubbish!

My problem has been with Godzilla. I’ve worked through the examples and the manual and I still get the momentary flashing screen, although it stays longer than before. My out.mlt shows “error: Nothing to optimise. Check limits on parameters”. And the godzout.mlt shows “0.0,0.000000”.

Does this mean that the design I have is already optimised to the limit or does it mean that my input data needs a lot of scrutiny?

It means that there are no variables to optimise.
This can happen when all the allowable minimum and maximum values are identical for each variable.
For example, if the minimum allowable length is the same as the maximum allowable length, then length will not be varied during the optisation process.
Try allowing a range of values for the hull length AND the length overall.