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If things get bad, but if you’re able to acquire a relatively modern computer without an OS, put PCLinuxOS or Mandriva or Ubuntu or something on it that’ll let you run Wine or get Crossover Impersonator and see if DELFTship will run there. If you’re able to, though, maybe you can find on various sites someone getting rid of their Vista or W7 machine due to obsessive/compulsive upgrading.

I run Win 7 inside of VirtualBox/Sun XVM and that runs inside of PCLinuxOS. DS rund just FINE for me there. I only use windows as a TOOL, as an APP, not as an OS. As for my CAD work, I use Encore Punch! ViaCAD Pro. Others use Rhino and GoogleSketchup, or another number of other CAD/naval architecture-friendly apps.

But, win98, well… I admit, I too am tempted to fire up my old 800mhz, 256 MB RAM, 16MB vid computer to do some work in a database that got screwed over when ms ditched help dll files in vista and 7…