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adriano natalini

Good morning Dida,
Yes, I think the only and best way to overcome such problem is to insert new edges longitudanally all the way on deck and vertically on the cockpit wall. The picture now looks much more pleasant! Thanks.
Another small problem which I cannot find out a solution is following:
Due to some reasons I couldn’t extrude the bulwark in one go but at two stages.
Now I have the main bulwark, in the middle, divided by two control red edges into two pieces.
Do you know how I can merge the two existing edges together to model the bulwark in one piece?
This is problem which we can be faced again at different stages
I would appreciate yr kind help whenever you have some spare time 🙂
Of course anybody else’s comments/contribution would be very wellcome! 🙂
The external railcap corner is not turning into a desired curve as the internal one, I’ll have to work on it