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You are working really hard! 🙂
When you extrude an edge you are prompted to give the direction of extrusion, for each of three axis (x, y, z). If the edge is parallel with longitudinal axis and you extrude toward center line (only), new edge will be specified number of units (let’s say “d” units) moved toward CL. Because the edge is parallel with CL , new edge will be located at the distance “d” from original edge. If the edge is not parallel with CL and you extrude it with the same parameters as previous, new edge will not be at the distance “d” from original edge. The distance will be d x cos(alpha), if the edge is inclined to CL for alpha degrees. I believe that the problem is in this point.
Now you see how bad boy was that Mr. Pitagora! 🙂
If you want equal thickness for the wall you should extrude edge by edge and calculate parameters for extrusion. It is simpler adjust wall thickness by hand.
Maybe Marven has better idea.

Kind regards, Hrvoje