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I made the deck by extruding the hull top sideways 20mm (hull thickness)in then 250mm down to create the gunwale then sideways to the centreline.

(Yep thats the correct way to do it.)

Take two examples: If I had a cylinder and wanted to create a cylinder wall thickness using this teqnique the sideways extrusion would not work as the wall would go from full on one quarter to nothing on the next.

(Make 2 cylinders one sightly smaller inside the other. In layer Properties just give the outer cylinder cubic tonnage and wall thickness. You MIGHT be able to join the 2 cylinders with a face so there are no leak points at the end, I dont know myself, Ive sealed the end of a single walled cylinder with a face.)

As the second example, when I extruded the edge down, some of the points had gone through the hull surface and all of them had to be manually placed to get the correct hull thickness.

( Thats normal)

My question was whether it is possible to do this type of extrusion to follow another surface.)

(No I dont think you can, not in Delft.)