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I’m not sure if you need pro for this or not. What you do is goto FILE -> EXPORT -> DXF Polylines. From there, choose where to save the file and make sure you check, “Create individual files”. It will create the dxf files. You can download a free dxf viewer from Autodesk called DXF TrueView. Afterward, you will need access to a plotter. If you don’t, export them from TrueView to PDFs and see if Kinkos or another print shop can print them. MAKE SURE that you do the override and set the paper size and scale to 1:1. The scale MUST be 1:1!

Once printed, you can then use them like a sewing pattern and cut to your hearts content.

I would like to say that printing could be costly and difficult to do. I suggest exporting them all to dxf’s and finding a job shop somewhere that can cut them on a CNC router for you.