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Absolutely amazing job, Jurgen! thanks!
Just a cup of hints in DS:
– Activate the “Coef based in actual dimensions of submerged body” option.
– Deactivate the “Default at 0.5*L” option of the Midship location, and fix it at the real “x” position of your maximum immersed area (check your curve of sectional areas).
– To do a proper curve and locate the real maximum immersed area, you must deactivate hydrostatics from all layers but the hull (or Canoe Body if you prefer).
Then you’ll find your Cp is too high, I would try a bit more Tc shifted to bow.
There is a hinge at 1/4 from stern, it reminds me an IMS yacht. IMHO, that shape will reduce planing capabilities, I would try a smoother transition there.
Thanks, it’s a beautiful boat!