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michael f. berg

Hi Petter,

it can be done in this world:
Shortly you have to EDIT–>POINTS–>INTERSECT LAYERS the shiphull in one layer with a properly inclined PLANE in a second LAYER.

Step by step:
Try it out with the “NEW” Model:

Add a second Layer,

Produce there the rectangle (-2,0,0),(-2,4,0),(5,0,0),(5,4,0).

TRANSFORM-_>ROTATE…(only the second layer!!)
Insert for the tranversal axis -10 degrees, for the longitudinal -25 degrees.

TRANSFORM–>MOVE…(only the second layer!!)
Insert for the vertical translation 0.55 m.


Switch to the coloured Mode. You can see your flat plane now intersecting the hull.
Adjust it by the proper TRANSFORMS till you like it. Then
Select insert new points on Layer 0, intersections with layer 2.

Switch off Layer 1 now. On the hull in Layer 0 you see in yellow the edges of your
plane intersection.
First do an EDIT–>EDGE–>CREASE and ESC. The new edges must be red now.

Then edge by edge delete the internal faces and insert new faces by selecting
the proper points on the red edges and EDIT–>FACE–>NEW.
You must then again CREASE the edges of your new flat plane.
Look at it in chromium plated presentation…

I hope this was not to lengthy.

Kind regards= michaelf

PS: Remember: TRANSFORM–>ROTATIONS always go around the point (0,0,0)!!!