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This is my way, but it’s possibly not the better 😛

1. I draw the half of a side-hull (port or starboard).

2. I ask FS to actually draw the other half (not just to show the symetry). This gives me the two side-hulls, but I can see only one: they’re both drawn on the same place (overlaping?).

3. I move the side-hull off the symetry plane. Thus I get my two side-hulls with a gap between.

4. I draw the arm(s) connecting the side-hull to the symetry plane, by extruding a part of the side-hull’s inner board.

The Cataman (twin-hull ship) is done.

5. For a trimaran (three-hull ship), I draw shorter arm(s) then I draw the central hull by extruding the arm(s)’s edge frontward, backward and downward..

The Trimaran is done.

– Draw your ship’s differents parts on differents layers. This will help with sophisticated drawings and use different colors.
– There are two tools concerning the symetry. One just shows the other half of your ship, the other one actually draws it, knit it to the first half and make both halves an only object.
– It’s easier to draw the multi-hull ships from the external board toward the symetry plane.

You can draw non-symetrical ships, too!

I hope this is clear enough since english isn’t my mother tongue. :unsure: