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Well! I’m back after downloading and installing the last version. (Wow! It’s pretty different of the old FS 2.6 I was using. ThanX to the Delft Development Team! :woohoo: ).

I quickly drew an example for you, taking screenshots from times to times. Here you have the result. Watch a picture, read it’s title, find the result on the next picture. It’s not as easy to draw as to watch the pictures, but if you already understand how to extrude polygons and how to knit them, you’ll succeed.

Concerning the FreeShip new design, you have to understand how the tools are gathered:

The layers, points, edges, polygons and display operations are gathered under the HOME tab.
The meshes operations are gathered under the TOOLS tab (move, rotate, scale, mirror).

So when you wish to MOVE a whole mesh (or many at once), deselect all, click on MOVE (TOOLS tab), select the mesh(es) to be moved, fill the relative coordinates and click on OK.

You can move just a point or an edge (or many edges) by selecting them, and clicking on MOVE.

Remember: Positive coordinates are orientated forward (longitudinal axis), outward (transverse axis) and upward (vertical axis) according to the box you’re filling.

Remember, too, a few of hydrostatics data are inconsistant with the multi-hull designs: lateral area for example. I assume it’s based on the wetted part along the symetry axis… which doesn’t exists on a catamaran and is not significant on a trimaran (above all with a ship such the one I drew!).