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hey there,
i started using this program 2 months ago and im very impressed im building a jet boat
here is my design…

and here is my construction pics.

i am almost certain that you can make this program work for you and what you are doing. i have built a few kayaks before using the stitch and glue method. also built some plastic thermo/vaccum formed kayaks.

it depends what method of construction you want to use as to how the best way to draw is.

if you are wanting to construct using the stitch and glue method i would suggest using the older version of delftship called freeship 2.6. just do a search online you will find it. there is also a 5 part tutorial online as well. with freeship you can make plate developments. or in other words the computer calculates the flat panels you will need to construct and draws them for you after you have made your 3d model. this allows you to export your hull pieces to a dxf autocad file and send them to a cnc router or plotter. very easy method. i used this for my jet boat. and cut my panels using a cnc plasma cutter.

the newer version of delftship also has this function but you will need to buy the pro version. i think it is 180 euro. if your budget allows this i would highly recommend buying the pro version.

if you plan on building a mould and laminating using fibreglass or something. then you will need the measurements of each station. the best program for that is delftship. it has an export stations function which saves all station offsets to a notepad file. all you have to do then is figure out how to interpret them and loft/draw them. i used this method to make a plywood former to go under my boat while constructing. it can be seen in the construction pics.

if you decide to do this then the tutorial can be found in the downloads section of this website.

hope this is helpful to you. i can say that most of this what i know is from experience and help was very limited. i am very grateful for the people who made tutorials and tried to help in anyway they can. if this information is helpful to you please once you have some knowledge of the program try to help some people who have no idea.