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N J Cook

Hi Heemi

I had been puzzling on the easiest way to insert a bulkhead into a hull … and have come up with a simple proccedure that works. This assumes that you have defined a hull and a deck.

1. Use Tools | Add box … with the Add new layer boxed ticked, to insert a box in its own layer that is wider and longer than the hull, placing one face of the box on the station you want the bulkhead.
2. Delete corners of the faces that you do not want and they will disappear, leaving only a single face at the bulkhead position.
3. Use Tools | Subdivide control net until this face is subdivided into a fine enough mesh for the next steps.
4. Use Edit | Point | Intersect layers with the new bulkhead layer first and the hull layer second to insert the insersection points into the bulkhead layer.
5. If the deck is in a separate layer, do 4. again, but with bulkhead and deck.
6. Now the bulkhead face has new points around the intersection with the deck and hull.
7. Select and delete points on the bulkhead face that lie outside the hull and deck until you are left with a bulkhead that fits.
8. Now you can lighten the bulkhead with holes by deleting points in the middle.

I have used this method to put a bulkhead (transverse plane), a floor (horizontal plane) and side buoyancy compartments (longitudinal plane) into a dinghy-skiff design. It works for me … so should for you.