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michael f. berg

Hi, Sean:

I don’t know if it is the best way, but try the following:

Shift the points of the controlnet so that you can CREASE the edges of the planned bulkwark on your hull. It might be helpful to tools->markers->import from a handwritten text file (see manual!).
Display inner edges, select the inner edges of the planned bulkwark (ctrl-select), add a new layer and move the faces of the planned bulkwark to the new layer. Export the new layer as part, f.i. as “bulkwark.part”. Edit undo every thing so your hull is in order again. Save and close your project for a moment.
With open and cancel produce an empty working space, and into this import your recently created “bulkwark.part”.
Now f.i. your bulkwark shall protrude say 2 inches from the hull in all directions.
The length of your hull is maybe 100 feet equals 1200 inch. The half beam of your hull is 12 feet equals 144 inch. Now scale your skinny bulkwark for x direction by a factor of 1 + 2×2 inch/1200 inch (= 1.0033). Scale the bulkwark in y direction by a factor of 1+ 2 inch/144 inch (=1.0139). Because in scaling the zero point is fixed you have to move back now your bulkwark by 2 inches.
Edge extrude the bulkwark inward by y = -2 inch.
This scaling procedure is not quite exact actually, but it works better than free hand adjusting…
Export it again as part “bulkwark.part”.
Close the working space and open again your old project. Import “bulkwark.part”,
it comes to a new layer. Do exclude it from the hydrodynamics and give it a suitable name and colour…

Kind regards michaelf