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Delftship is used to create hull and superstructure surfaces. To achieve a
fair hull the control net has to be as simple as possible (look at the default
hull under File–>New). You will notice that the hull has only 3 longitudial
lines between the sheer and center line and 4 transverse lines between the
bow and stern, thats all you need. The program can create stations which
can be exported to other 3D programs. I believe you can export the stations
via the 2d polylines that just export the stations and exclude the rest
(Ive only done it once myself). If you want to create bulkheads
for export place one station at the beginning of you bulkhead and one where it
will end eg as a 3/4inch or 19mm thick bulkhead, one face will be at say
meters from the stern and the the other face 2.019meters this can be
exported to other 3d programs as a 3/4 inch bulkhead where you can reduce
the hull thickness from it and place openings, doors etc. Dont try to
place bulkheads with control points in Delft or you will end up doing what
the program wasnt designed and almost impossible to fair and a
large migraine. I export 3D polylines into Rhino and the whole lot can be
exported as long as its turned ON.