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Hi Mike,


I do turn on the various items to be able to export the DXF 3D Polylines and the DXF 3D Mesh. As to the “bulkheads”, i don’t actually create the faces in DS. I just go into the stations editor and enter the positions. I probably could skip using the curves themselves, but they make for nice visual cues.

But, in CAD, i don’t think the CAD apps can truly make a faithful hull surface that skin-matches what DS produces. But, since the fairing i need is to get the hydros in want, i think i need far more than a handful of points. I need to sculpt the sonar dome, and i am considering making the sideshell flat but angled outward (or radar cross-section reflection reduction reasons), and i don’t like the extra facets or the curvature introduced as visible in the attachments.