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John R. Coil

Ah! Pictures would still help. Beyond that I can only advise you to look at what is being done that is similar to what you want.

If you’re not building a planing boat you might look at something with a longer LWL/BWL ratio (though I’m assuming the numbers you gave are LOA and overall beam) because these are easier to move around. Also, somewhere not too long ago I remember reading that a low Froude Number of around 0.4 helps with wave cancellation in shallow waters and it seems based on my limited experience as if longer boats (and/or relatively shallower draft boats) achieve this.

One thing I’ve speculated on, which you may find interesting, is adding a folding camper top over part of the cabin on a small sailing yacht — I called the idea a Redneck’s Skerry. 🙂 But seriously, unless you’re 4′ tall those low and lean boats have nada for cruising comforts when they are still small and relatively inexpensive … a pop up camper would enable 6’4″ me to keep a classic cabin line (and lower CG) for when I’m actually sailing and would let me have space to relax in when I wasn’t. No reason this idea couldn’t be used in a small motor boat too.