Re: A mistake of delftship for yatch design

Re: A mistake of delftship for yatch design

AvatarJesus Cruz

So according your book the Midship section should be located at the middle of LWL right??

In the case that you mentioned here the middle of the LWL should be at 4 mts. not at 4.5 right???

so your book is giving you two different locations of the Midship section Half LWL and (0.5+LWL/2), right?

In any case in the initial stages of the design is imposible to know where the real LWL is going to be, you have to take a “Design LWL”, and as you advance in your design, you will have a better approach of the final floating conditions of your ship (any vessel, either yacht or cruise).

Thats how you stablished the Midship section in an early stage of your design, and corrected if you considered appropiate in a late stage.

So location of the Midship section in the Half of LOA, and having the posibility to located in any place that the designer choose, as Delftship does, is in my opinion a very good and flexible feature.