Re: A mistake of delftship for yatch design

Re: A mistake of delftship for yatch design


I’m not quite sure whay you would want the location of LCB to a moving reference point.
Yes, LCB to the midship makes sense. But using a reference point of the WL of any draught (not DWL) makes no sense, since it provides no information at all.

Even for yachts the midship location is a fixed location. The exact location can be different (point of largest beam on the DWL, or the position of the maximum cross section area for example) but it is a fixed location, not moving with an increasing draught.

Can you perhaps quote exactly what your book is saying about this?

I assume we are talking about LCB%% for a SAILBOAT?

As Marven pointed out, LCB%% location might be different depending on a definition someone use. Exact LCB location will be FIXED point for a boat in equilibrium (and DS gives it in hydrostatics report). It would be nice to specify “midships” term for a sailboat FIRST (1/2 DWL, Largest beam on DWL, Max cross section).

Depending on defined “midships” location, settings for correct calculation of LCB%% will be different.

So, DS should calculate correct LCB%% depending on a reference point. Even if reference point moves during “shaping the hull” process.

P.S. Metin_mehel, it is better to write only something IMPORTANT for a reader in capital letters.