Re: A mistake of delftship for yatch design

Re: A mistake of delftship for yatch design

Jesus Cruz

I have seen the pictures of you book, but insist when you Model a hull, you have to start from basic concepts like a determined LOA, Beam, Depth, and with a theoretical asumption of weight, that will lead you to the first LWL which is also called DWL.

From there you will modify the hull according your needs, but the changes can´t be so drastic, the DELFTship software also gives the “Hull Transformation” feature, is in the transform menu there you can modify your hull according certain basic parameters such as:

– Displacement
– Block Coefficient
– Prismatic Coefficient
– Long. Center of Bouyancy

With this feature the software will modify your hull forms to match the data of the 4 above mentioned that you indicate to the software.

I think that this feature will save you a lot of points moving and will give you the LCB location that you want.:) 😉