Re: A mistake of delftship for yatch design

Re: A mistake of delftship for yatch design

AvatarJesus Cruz

Step 1. Create the default model

2. Go to the profile view and located the punter of your mouse right in the crossing of LWL and the Stern of the model (App), on the upper right corner of the screen you can see the coordinates X and Y of the point, for this specific example are X= 1.36 mts, Z= 0.500 mts. (obvius)

3. Locate the punter of your mouse on the crossing of LWL with the Bow (Fpp), same thing right upper corner the data X= 10.96 and Z= 0.500 mts.

4. Deduct from the 10.96 mts, the 1.36 mts, and you get 9.6 mts, which is the waterline length, you can compare the result with the Design Hydrostatics report.

5. The location of the midship section would be 1.36 plus 4.8, or 6.16 mts, from the X=0 point, just use this data instead of the 0.5 L.

Keep in mind that DELFTship is a software that can be use for model all kind of ships and floating structures, so this is why i consider the feature of giving the option to locate the midship section location to the userĀ“s will a very good feature.