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    I have this school project where I am supposed to create or download a project for Delftship and create a real life RC model out of styrofoam. Then we are supposed to have a race. Me and my friends are trying to make a trimaran (similar to The Benchijigua Express), but I’ve got some struggles. I have to calculate the distance between the metacentre and the centre of gravity. I found out that my VCG is 6,520, but KMt is 103,215 at the weight of 270,11 tonnes. The difference between KMt and VCG is supposed to be around 2m, not 96,695m. And the weight of the boat that we are going to build is supposed to be around 7kg. Translatet into 7000 tonnes? This is my very first try at building my own ship, so please help us 🙂
    The project is attached under.

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    JA van Santen

    1st , all your measures are in Meter, zo do not expect 7 kg as displacement and do not expect a GM of 2 m for such a large and wide vessel
    2nd, you have a large number of empty layers, just remove them:
    3rd, there is a transom aft vertically in the water. Is that your intention ?
    4th, you set the hull to symmetric, that is OK
    5th, when I do a calculation (calculation and extensions menu followed by “design hydrostatics”), i have a displacement of 506,72 ton which is plausible.
    6 my transverse metcacentric height is 61,84, based om a transverse moment of inertia of the waterplane of 29663 (which is plausible)

    I can not reproduce your data unfortunately.


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