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    Hi All,

    Finally we have reached the point that we are ready to migrate our forum to then new platform.
    We plan to start this migration this wee, and a minimal outage can probably not be avoided, so please be patient with us.

    One expected side effect will be the loss of your avatar, so please be prepared to add your newer, cooler (or your current, cool) avatar after the migration is complete.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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    Hello Maarten!


    I’m discovering the new forum… and I already noted a change:

    The posts’ authors’ names are not the usual ones.

    On the old forum, I was Icare meanwhile on the new forum I’m Démerzel.

    Démerzel is the name I used when  I openned my account on Delftship and Icare is my identity on the forum. There’s a litttle difference that may puzzle the people.


    For example, are you Maarten or Marven? 😉


    An other point: Where are the smileys? I think they can help modulating one’s speech’s tone.


    Tot Ziens!

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    Hi Icare,

    I see what you mean- I am sorry for this inconvenience. It seems the migration plugin got a little confused. I think you can edit your profile and set the name back if you wish..

    As for smileys- I was surprised by that as well- I’ll spend some time tomorrow searching for a plugin that enables an easy interface to get them back..

    <edit> Got smiley button back.. 😀 </edit>

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    • This reply was modified 4 months, 2 weeks ago by  Maarten.
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    Well, I’m my normal self again! 😎


    I noted there are now many more possibilities on the new forum, and there’s an  awesome implementation: Members can communicate directly by PM instead of the public forum. 😛

    It will help giving more details in one’s own language when required.


    My opinion about the new forum in an only word: Great! :mrgreen:

    Dank u zeer, Maarten!

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    This forum does not work, it’s impossible to search it. Unusable for a newcomer

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    Hi Vince,

    Thanks for your feedback.. The search function does appear to be broken- I am looking into what happened, the easy fixes do not work..


    Ah, found the cause- sort of.  At least the search works again!


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