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    john truelove

    Hi DELFTshipers

    I have two problems

    Problem #1 – exporting offsets

    1. This seems to be a recurring issue going back to 10 or thereabouts, and my perusal of the many posts has not shed any light on my problem
    2. When I exported offsets the first time (Export Offsets 1) I got a useable table of offsets. I do not know if they were correct or not.
    3. I wanted more WLs, so added WL intersections (including at z=0) and repeated (Export Offsets 2). This time I got an offset table dominated by “1.300”, which was wrong.
    4. I re-entered the “intersections” screen (several times and with varying waterlines) but even with the original WLs I now got an offset table dominated by “1.300”.
    5. I exit and reentered DELFTship then reload the model that I am working on – no joy: the offset table is dominated by … 1.300
    6. As far as I can tell, the model is unchanged.
    7. So I pull out the lap top and fiddle with that – same model but an independent file – same result – initially ok but then full of – you guessed it – “1.300”.
    8. I concluded that somehow the models have been corrupted, and put a read only attribute on an older version. This seems to have quaranteened it from corruption ….

    Problem #2 – exporting offsets II

    When the offset table appears “sensible”I am finding impossible offsets – negative half breadths where they just cannot be …

    Both these are enormously frustrating to me (a retired battens and weights Naval Architect having a second childhood) but the models are designs for ships that are to be/might

    be /could be built (and there are others in planning). I had hoped to use ship design software for concept-to-cut steel (or at least concep-to-lofting) and chose DELFTship because

    the free version would give me a long enough trial to get happy with it.

    DELFTship is brilliant, and I very much want to continue with it, but …

    Has anyone got any ideas please.

    (“Ships” under the Australian Navigation Act of 1912 include all vessels not propelled by oars!!)


    (FYI, I do not date from 1912)


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    Hi John,

    Re problem 1:
    The recurring 1.300 value looks very strange indeed. Can you please send us the DELFTship model which you have used to create this file so we can use it to debug the software?

    Re problem 2:
    I suspect this issue is related to the first. We’ll investigate this as soon as we have received your file so we can address this issue before the next update.

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